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Hi All,

Here are my tips to revising your resume to have material for a phone interview:


Create the resume for priorities and technical areas

(Optional) Now that you have a final chronological resume. Create a hybrid that is all inclusive of everything you have done. Include a goal about making your boss look good. Segregate experience into three categories. Use the hybrid for attaching to online applications. Use the chronological for online forms, auto parsed sites, and interview talking points.

Cavanaugh_Aaron hybrid


Interview Tips

Phone Interview Tool

Once you go through the “Create the resume for priorities and technical areas”exercise you are ready to create STAR stories that you will use in your interview.

Finally here are some common interview questions. This is rough draft but you may find it useful: Interview Questions Alpha Template

Other Tools

Networking Checklist

Wage Calculation

Healthcare Calculator

Portland Specific

Additionally, these are my personal job list search for Portland Oregon.

Direct Hire Job Sites

My Search Helper – OLD

Got Fired?

Here are a couple of my tips regarding getting fired or getting ready to quit a job.

Got Fired


Didn’t get fired? Raise Helper Crib Notes

Feelings Check

Thanks. God Bless.



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