Paula Reid was repeatedly cut off by a DOJ spokesperson as she attempted to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the Civil Rights division’s investigations into systemic discrimination.



Comcast deleted a “no paid prioritization” pledge from its net neutrality webpage on the very same day that the Federal Communications Commission announced its initial plan to repeal net neutrality rules.

PREPA director Ricardo Ramos resigns amid Whitefish contract scandal | Utility Dive

utility contracted with Whitefish because he believed PREPA was “unable to meet requirements” for mutual assistance with the American Public Power Association. Those requirements include points such as providing fuel, housing and communications; however, emails released by the House Natural Resources Committee show that PREPA purchasing managers did not follow advice from their lawyers in signing the Whitefish contract.

Whitefish Energy resumes work in Puerto Rico after ‘good faith’ payment | Utility Dive

Whitefish halted its work efforts, citing $83 million it says the island had not paid. It has now received a payment that it says shows the island has a “good faith intent to pay.” However, it is unclear if some of those funds in arrears will be caught up in PREPA’s bankruptcy. The utility holds about $9 billion in debt.

Whitefish’s controversial contract has since been terminated, but the Montana-based company agreed to complete projects which were in progress and remain in Puerto Rico through the end of November. 

Washington Post uncovers fake Roy Moore story ‘sting’ – BBC News

Project Veritas has posted a series of tweets claiming to expose bias at the Washington Post. It claimed the newspaper was attempting to divert attention by inventing the “sting operation” story.
But many journalists on social media claimed the attempt to prove the Washington Post had published unverified claims had backfired – and showed the opposite.