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estimated 25 million to 60 million Christians. (As CT has noted, that’s a tiny minority amid 1 billion Hindus, but still sizable enough to rank among the 25 countries with the most Christians, surpassing “Christian countries” such as Uganda and Greece.)

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legacy of Stalinism is deeply rooted in family memories and private archives, as almost every Russian family was affected by Stalinist terror in one way or the other. Due to the work of civil society organizations such as the Moscow-based International Memorial, a tremendous amount of sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc.) has been preserved, documented, and published. Every year on October 29, the national day to commemorate the victims of political repression, thousands of citizens cue in front of the Lubyanka, the former KGB headquarters and prison, now home of the FSB. They join MEMORIAL for the public reading of 30,000 names of Muscovites who became victims of Stalin’s “Great Purge” in 1937-38.