Social Justice is ‘Fake Scholarship,’ Oxford Philosopher Says

very difficult to imagine you’d succeed in that subject if you didn’t have, at the outset or certainly at the conclusion, feminist opinions,” Scruton says. “It’s a subject constructed around an ideology.”

Scruton said the ideology might be grounded in truth, but it’s impossible to know because one cannot freely question its premises. Conformity to the orthodoxy takes precedence over the intellectual method


The Use of Nuclear Weapons Is Inherently Evil | Christianity Today

“The thought of killing masses of helpless people who are themselves at the mercy of their own government is abhorrent. Only if there were no other way to prevent an even worse catastrophe could nuclear retaliation ever be justified.” The language is nuanced, but the point is clear: The use of nuclear weapons is, in extreme cases, morally just.

Others of us emphatically disagree: Under no circumstances would the use of nuclear arms be justified. Our reasons hinge on the sixth commandment, “You shall not murder,” 

Liberty U. Alumni Protest Falwell’s Continued Support of Trump – Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly

Falwell’s support of Trump’s much-derided equivocal response to the white nationalist violence in Charlottesville last week, 45 minutes away from Liberty.

In response to Trump saying there had been “very fine people” among the white nationalists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville and asserting a moral equivalency between those groups and what Trump called the alt-left, Falwell tweeted zealously, “Finally a leader in WH. Jobs returning, N Korea backing down, bold truthful stmt about #charlottesville tragedy. So proud of @realdonaldtrump.” 

Let the Pregnant Grads Walk | CT Women | Christianity Today

school officials—minus her father, who recused himself from the deliberations—decided to suspend her for two days, remove her as the student council president, and bar her from “walking” during graduation. Maddi admits she knew she would face disciplinary action from the school “because I did break the school code.” But although she and her parents support the first two penalties, they strongly disagree with the decision to forbid her from participating in graduation.

Terrorists Kill 28 Christians on Church Bus Trip to Popular M… | Gleanings |

Source: Terrorists Kill 28 Christians on Church Bus Trip to Popular M… | Gleanings |

three 4×4 vehicles of 8 to 10 gunmen dressed in military uniforms opened fire on the vehicle, which was on its way to St. Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Samalout, 140 miles south of Cairo.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the attack—which occurred on the eve of Ramadan—follows church bombings claimed by the Islamic State on Palm Sunday and in advance of Christmas.