The New Economy Initiative: What Might It Teach Philanthropy? – Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly

NEIdeas is a contest offering grants to two categories of businesses in the Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park areas: a $10,000 prize to 30 businesses grossing under $750,000 annually, and $100,000 to two businesses grossing between $750,000 and $5 million. 


How to view saved QuickParts NormalEmail.dotm


If you want to just view an old QuickParts that you saved and you don’t want to merge it into your new jobs Outlook NormalEmail.dotm.

Just double click on the old NormalEmail.dotm file that you saved. Then in Word go to Insert tab -> Quick Parts. This shows all your QuickParts in the list without overwriting your current QuickParts in Outlook.

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RACC Opportunity: Professional Development Grant 2014-15 (cycle 2) | Regional Arts & Culture Council

Professional Development Grants are strictly intended to assist artists and arts administrators with unique experiences directly related to career or organizational development. These grants are available to residents in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties

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ACLS American Council of Learned Societies |

humanities and related social sciences include but are not limited to American studies; anthropology; archaeology; art history and architectural history; classics; economics; ethnic studies; film; gender studies; geography; history; languages and literatures; legal studies; linguistics; musicology; philosophy; political science; psychology; religious studies; rhetoric, communication, and media studies; sociology; and theater, dance, and performance studies.

However, proposals in the social science fields listed above are eligible only if they employ predominantly humanistic approaches and qualitative/interpretive methodologies (e.g., economic history, law and literature, political philosophy, history of psychology).

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