Mandatory Relocation Assistance Technical Advisory Committee | ONI Notification | The City of Portland, Oregon

Source: Mandatory Relocation Assistance Technical Advisory Committee | ONI Notification | The City of Portland, Oregon

As directed by Portland City Council, the Portland Housing Bureau is convening a Mandatory Relocation Assistance Technical Advisory Committee to identify technical issues with the Mandatory Relocation Assistance Policy that was adopted by City Council on February 2, 2017.

The Technical Advisory Committee membership is comprised of City Council invited representatives of landlords and renters. These meetings are open to the public and public testimony is invited.

Parks & Strong Communities—San Francisco Tops Cities List – Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, “the average person can walk a half-mile in about 10 minutes” on sidewalks.

San Francisco has always been at the top of this list, but it moved to number one by carving out small parks in the core of the city, where there is high population density.

The city has spent $355 million in bond and general fund money over the past four years to purchase land, renovate dilapidated parks and improve open spaces. In 2012, voters passed the $195 million Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond to fix up neighborhood parks.

New Nebraska Law Aims to Keep Poor People Out of Jail | Nebraska News | US News

person who fails to pay a fine in time appear before a judge instead of automatically sitting out the fine in jail. Judges could choose to dismiss the fine or assign up to 20 hours of community service instead, and the rate for sitting out a fine would increase from $90 to $150 a day.

Portland needs ‘honest’ superintendent, board says in rejecting finalist |

according to Portland school board chair Tom Koehler, board members had soured on their choice.

Although Dickey withdrew, if he hadn’t the board would have asked that he do so, Koehler said.

The sticking point? “A lack of candor,” Koehler said in an email.

A full background report came back last Monday, and by Thursday, Dickey was out.

A New Idea to Fight Silicon Valley Sprawl

isolated corporate campuses plopped down in the ‘burbs, which drive up housing costs and force many workers to endure hours-long commutes.

The real problem, according to many experts, stems from suburban housing policies that prevent dense development near job centers. And it’s certainly true that housing and zoning laws in Silicon Valley suburbs have made it difficult for all but the richest tech workers to live near their jobs.