Class Action What Happens When Degrees Aren’t Enough?

While many college students can move back home and receive familial and financial support while they look for jobs, I do not have that option. My family is poor and they live in a rural part of the state, far away from the kinds of jobs I am hoping to find. They cannot support me on top of their own expenses. And having spent the last six years investing all of my energy into “pulling myself up by my bootstraps” in order to get two degrees, I don’t want them to have to support me.

But that’s the problem. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is impossible unless someone is standing in front of you, ready to help along the way. What’s more, that person also needs to have connections. I have had multiple friends now graduate and find jobs right away. However, those friends typically already had a connection to the place that hired them – a family member or family friend who had influence over the hiring process in some way.


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