SEIU Withdraws Adjunct Petition: Admin Claim No Unionization Roadblocks | The Fordham Ram

“It was because of this anti-union response that we withdrew our petition.”

In a university-wide email from Howe on April 13, he said that the administration had not blocked any union vote. “It should be pointed out that the University has not blocked the unionization of adjunct faculty,” said Howe.

However, on March 29 the administration did in fact respond with legal documentation. In this legal documentation, administration details classifications or other employee groupings that should be excluded from the petitioned for unit. For example, The administration’s “Employer’s Statement of Position” stated the following regarding adjunct professors:

“Temporary and/or casual employees: Part-time adjunct faculty who do not work for more than one semester, or who do not teach two (2) courses per semester are temporary and/pr casual employees, and, therefore, do not share a sufficient community of interest with the petitioned for unit”

Those who fall into these classifications, such as Fordham adjuncts, are prevented from organizing a union vote in relation to the NLRB or SEIU.


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