Fascism under Donald Trump: The warning signs of fascism that Americans should watch for in 2017 — Quartz


if there is one trait that tethers Trump to the post-communist autocrats he claims to admire, it is the inherent need for dominance. Both men aim for victory at all costs, and use pure subjugation and unadulterated degradation as indices of their success.

The initial moves toward an American autocracy—toward an “Ur-Fascism,” as Umberto Eco described it some 20 years ago—have already begun. These range from the threatened delegitimization of election results to a continued refusal to recognize the ethical guidelines to which American politicians have ascribed for the past 150 years.


One thought on “Fascism under Donald Trump: The warning signs of fascism that Americans should watch for in 2017 — Quartz

  1. Hi,
    Here is another quote from this article:
    recent GOP proposal in the state of Washington to bring the charge of so-called “economic terrorism” against protestors.

    A truly brazen Trump administration might even invite “election monitors” from assorted overseas autocracies to observe our polling places. After all, a wholesale industry of fraudulent “election monitors”—many of them Western—already exist, willing to whitewash fraudulent elections if the price is right.
    It’s a tempting range of options for a president as obviously power-hungry as Trump, as well as for the nationalists whispering in his ear. And the fact that we’ve seen Trump swoon over the slightest praise from Putin is even more reason to worry.
    American democracy has stood relatively untested in the years following the Civil War. Now it may be facing its greatest challenge in roughly 150 years. We are witnessing the ascendancy of a demagogue who carries all the trappings of a post-Soviet strongman. And a series of men from Moscow to Minsk are ready and willing to welcome him into their brotherhood.
    Thanks. God bless.

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