Trump will be the 4th president to win the Electoral College after getting fewer votes than his opponent – Vox

we saw this in 2000, when George W. Bush received about 500,000 fewer votes than Al Gore but still won the election. But this is only the fourth times in American history that someone has won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote — and it might not be the last.

(John Quincy Adams also lost the popular vote in 1824, but since none of the four candidates received 50 percent of the electoral vote, the House of Representatives decided who would be president.)

In fact, only one president-elect has lost the popular vote by a wider margin than Trump. The widest margin was in 1876, when Rutherford B. Hayes won a controversial election that took months to settle, even though he lost the popular vote to Samuel Tilden by 3 percentage points.


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