Majority Wants Monday’s Electoral College Vote Postponed In Wake Of Russia Scandal: New Poll | The Huffington Post

Trump won a fairly wide Electoral College victory on Election Day, but Hillary Clinton is on pace to beat him in the popular vote by some 3 million. In a sign of how divided the country is, however, more than 1 in 4 Republicans believe that Trump in fact bested Clinton in the popular vote. That belief may stem from a false claim Trump himself made on Twitter, when he said that he would have won the popular vote had millions of people not voted illegally. That came after a separate claim from Trump, in which he said he could have won the popular vote if he had wanted to, by campaigning in highly populated states like California and New York.

Some states mandate that electors vote the way their state instructs, but the 10th Circuit Court ruled late on Friday that electors who vote their conscience rather than their state’s preference cannot be removed as electors. The court covers the region of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah and Wyoming.

Only one elector has publicly said he will be breaking from Trump.


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