Is It Time for an Obamacoup? | The Tyee

If Putin did sway the election, America is at a crossroads.

Source: Is It Time for an Obamacoup? | The Tyee

I would also declare the Nov. 8 election null and void, with a new election scheduled for November 2017 — not only for president, but for both houses, currently dominated by Putin’s stooges the Republicans.

It would be the end of over two centuries of consecutive elections, but the U.S. tipped into a civil war after the election of 1860, and this would be at least as serious a threat to the Union.

After the 9-11 attacks, George W. Bush told Americans to hit the malls and shop till they dropped. President Obama should tell them their lives as free Americans are at stake, and they’d better be prepared to help in their country’s defence, whether in the armed forces or other public service. Those who resisted with armed force would be jailed.

It’s hard to imagine Barack Obama, probably the most civilized man ever to hold the office of president, imposing such measures in the last days of his presidency. But what alternative would he have, if the CIA charges are true? Just hand over the country to a half-demented quisling who would do the bidding of Vladimir Putin and the CEOs he’s put in his cabinet?

True or not, the charges have exposed the world’s greatest nation (and our very close neighbour) as far more fragile than anyone imagined. Three hundred million people literally don’t know what to think while being bombarded with incessant lies on their TVs, laptops and phones.


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