Presidential election: Donald Trump will impose martial law if he wins, says ‘Art of the Deal’ ghostwriter | The Independent

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“On day one he would end a free press,” he said, speaking from Washington DC. “In any way that he could, he would use the government to shut down a free press, and listen, he has plenty of precedents for doing that, including his hero Vladimir Putin.”

He said he believed Mr Trump would then “conduct an ‘enemies’ campaign that would make what Nixon did in the Sixties and early Seventies look like child’s play”. He said he would go after every person he felt had wronged him in the the most “intense way” he felt he could get away with.

He added: “I think before very long, its quite possible that he would find a way to declare martial law.”

Asked how Mr Trump would go about undertaking such a drastic measure, he said many of Mr Trump’s supporters were police, members of the border guards force and the “far right wing” of the military.

“He controls the levers of powers. There is nobody standing between him and punching those nuclear codes other than the guy standing there is who is obligated to do what he is asked to do,” he said. 


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