I’ve shared a book from Google Play Books

Cesar Chavez, Cesar Chavez.

Then we got them around the car I was on, and I made a speech. We took a vote not to ever again register to work because registration was a gimmick to keep us from getting jobs. I burned my referral card, another joined, then another and another and another. Pretty soon everybody joined in. We put them in a big pile and set them on fire. The TV cameras just ate it up. That night I sent a letter to the local farm placement office and to the state saying, no more registration. And we give you seventy-two hours to give us jobs. Nothing happened. A month later, when Secretary of Labor James Mitchell was scheduled to come to Ventura, we decided to picket him. His advance man begged me not to, but I said, “Nothing doing unless we get jobs right now.” Since his advance man could not provide jobs, we had about one thousand people picketing the Oxnard airport. Secretary Mitchell landed there, saw all the people, and quickly drove to the Lions Club in Ventura. We followed and picketed him there. The pickets were yelling, “We want jobs!” We really put on the heat and forced him to have a meeting with us at the Pierpont Inn. I didn’t go because I first wanted him to meet some conditions, and he refused. So he met with the Packinghouse Workers representatives.

Thanks. God bless.



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