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Cesar Chavez, Cesar Chavez.

I decided to find out how the system worked. For the first couple of weeks I’d get up early in the morning, apply for work, and make notes.When I applied for work at the bracero camp, they would tell me to register at the Farm Placement Service, which was in Ventura, about eight miles from Oxnard. The office opened at 8:00 A.m., and by the time I went there and back, it was almost 9:00. But the bracero camps opened at 4:00 and started dispatching people at 4:30. By 6:00, everybody had been dispatched.The guy would tell me, “I’m sorry I can’t take you because people are gone already. They’ve been dispatched.” So I came back the following morning at 4:00 or 5:00 and the guy told me, “I’m sorry. I can’t send you because this referral slip you have from the Farm Placement Office is outdated. It’s yesterday’s.”That was the gimmick. The whole system was rotten. The Farm Placement Service was in cahoots with the federal government, which was in cahoots with the growers to keep the local workers out of jobs, get all of the braceros in, and then exploit the braceros.

Thanks. God bless.



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