Windows 10 start button and right click on taskbar not working fix

Hi all,

Here is the solution to fix this problem

right click start button -> click run
type cmd
type cd/
type cd users
type cd [your username]
type cd appdata
type cd local
then ctrl + alt + del -> select task manager
right click windows explorer -> click end task
type del TileDataLayer in the black window
hit y for yes
in windows task manager click file -> run new task -> type explorer.exe and click OK

(note your start menu and taskbar right clicking problems won’t be fixed until you restart)
then restart your computer

Note: This may also fix search button on the task bar not coming up. In addition to the above if search doesn’t come up and task bar is slow and sluggish for action center etc. Do the following:

click start -> all apps -> windows system -> control panel -> type in performance in search bar in right hand corner -> hit enter on keyboard -> click on adjust the appearance and performance -> click the advanced tab -> -> click change button -> un-check automatically manage paging file size -> -> click custom size radio button -> in both fields (initial size and maximum size) type in 2000 for each field -> click set -> click OK -> then restart your computer

Thanks. God Bless.



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