Panama Papers: praise the letterbox | economy | DW.COM | 07/04/2016

Es ist nicht grundsätzlich illegal, in einem Steuerparadies eine Briefkastenfirma zu betreiben. Dienstleister bewerben offen die Vorteile. Welche Gründe sprechen für eine legale Nutzung?

Source: Panama Papers: praise the letterbox | economy | DW.COM | 07/04/2016


tax havens are advertised amazingly transparent on the Internet: $ 900 it costs the service provider “Panama Offshore Worldwide” to establish a “regular business”. What is needed, only the names, addresses and passport copies of three directors.

The anonymous version costs $ 1,200, plus $ 650 fee for the annual renewal. In contrast to “normal company” provided by the service here three stooges are available, which are registered as directors.

“This kind of enterprise is a good choice if you save taxes or want to protect your assets,” advertises the website. “Your personal information does not appear in state documents on, still you have full control of your company. The nominees have no control and can always be replaced.”

Assets secure by stooges

A foundation in Panama, which according to the website “especially good for inheritance is” is to have for $ 1,300. Advantages here: little paperwork, maximum anonymity.

The combination of foundation and letter box costs $ 2,400 and is well suited according to the supplier, to separate piled wealth from working capital. “So your assets are in security,” it says on the website, “and the lawyers of your opponents are a little richer while we thwart their predatory intentions.”


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