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Here is an interesting post on masterbating.

Here is my comment:

People do not understand the difference between men and women regarding sex (including masterbating) and emotions connection.

Physically, the comparison to masterbating for men is to a woman her period. For men ejaculation is required, for women a period is required.

However unlike women, men’s ejaculation cycles vary. Ejaculating for men depends on diet (which affects buildup), scenarios (being aroused causes blood flow changes), and anger feeling (being stressed because of buildup). Also age (hormones) and mental toughness (sin and emotional intelligence) play into determining the frequency of masterbating (or sex if your married).

Socially, spitting for men is an apt comparison to masterbating for women. Men don’t need to spit but it becomes a habit that “feels like” it’s needed. It’s rude but what you do in your own space is up to you.

Mentally, the other big difference between men and women is our brains. Women’s brains work in a different way they actually have a pulsing “always on” part of there brain that is highly connected to emotions. Men’s scrotum works the same way, it is the pulsing “always on” part of the body that is highly connected to emotions.

Men lack part of the genetics of the emotional brain that women have. Women lack the genetics of a scrotum. This is why men and women interact with , sex (including masterbating) and emotions in profoundly different ways.

Thanks. God bless.



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