How the Kochs Tried (and Failed) to Discredit Reporter Jane Mayer After She Exposed Their Empire

on January 3rd, 2011, David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, was called by the – or emailed by the two publications that wanted to go with stories saying that I was a plagiarist and supposedly had stolen lines from four different other writers. Now, nobody has ever accused me of this in my life. And the stories were things that had been out for years. And David asked me, “What is this?” I took a look at it, and I immediately realized I better call the authors and see if they have any complaints. None of them did. All of them went on the record saying, “This isn’t plagiarism. We have no complaints against Jane.” And they were willing to be stand-up people and back me up. I went back to the right-wing news organizations and said, “This is false. Here are the statements from the writers.” And they never published these.

But I wondered what had happened, and so did the New York Post, which was about to do a story on it. And Keith Kelly, the media reporter there, started asking, “Who’s trying to smear Jane Mayer?” And he started doing a series of stories and floating the idea that the Koch brothers were behind it, because they had been unhappy with the big piece I did about them. Anyway, it took years – really, three years – but eventually I was able to connect the dots. And you’ll see the story in this book. And amazingly, the detective that they hired to do this was the former commissioner of police in New York City, Howard Safir.

Thanks. God bless.



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